About ciinabox

ciinabox is developed and maintained by base2Services http://www.base2services.com. With over 10 years experience in building standardized platforms for developers, processes for development and focusing on speed to production, we have developed heaps of tools internally to help us get things done faster. ciinabox is one of these tools.

Why open source ciinabox

We are strong believers in the open source community. Not only do we use open source software, we also contribute to it and have released many tools for others to take advantage of. Some of these tools have enterprise support available and are actively supported by base2Services. ciinabox is one of these.

We also encourage the community to get involved and really get behind ciinabox. It is easy to use and avoids having loose ends in your CI pipeline.

The future

Some parts of ciinabox are yet to be released as open source. In particular, templates and workflows. These are available under an enterprise support agreement and really make the process even easier. Some of these will be made available shortly and a marketplace for templates will be created.

Get Supported

Enterprise support gives you the expertise in continuous integration and continuous deployment with our full technical support to keep on moving fast with a trusted edition. You also have the benefit of a fully managed edition at your disposal.

Having the right CI and CD tools makes the things that should work, actually work. And it makes your Devs and Ops more productive.

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