Getting started with Azure

Getting Started

  1. Initialize/Create a new ciinabox environment

     $ ./ciinabox init
     Enter the name of ypur ciinabox:
     myciinabox  You can override the default ciinaboxes directory by setting the CIINABOXES_DIR environment variable. Also the DNS domain you entered about must already exist in Azure DNS
  2. check that your new ciinabox is the current active one and login to azure

     $ ./ciinabox login
     # Enable active ciinabox by executing or override ciinaboxes base directory:
     export CIINABOXES_DIR="ciinaboxes/"
     export CIINABOX="myciinabox"
     # or run
     eval $(./ciinabox login[myciinabox])
  3. Create/Lanuch ciinabox environment

     $ rake ciinabox:create
     Starting updating of ciinabox environment
     # checking status using
     $ rake ciinabox:status
     allday ciinabox is in state: CREATE_IN_PROGRESS
     # When your ciinabox environment is ready the status will be
     allday ciinabox is alive!!!!
     ECS cluster private ip:10.xx.xx.xx

You can access jenkins using

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