Installing ciinabox using Azure

ciinabox Azure

ciinabox (CI in a Box) pronounced ciin a box is a set of automation for building and managing a bunch of CI tools in AWS using the Elastic Container Service (ECS).

Right Now ciinabox supports deploying:

  • jenkins
  • private docker registry
  • chef server


requires docker 1.6+ and docker-machine 0.5+ just install docker toolbox

  1. docker-machine create -d virtualbox ciinabox
  2. eval $(docker-machine env ciinabox)
  3. docker pull base2/ciinabox-azure
  4. mkdir /somepath/ciinaboxes
  5. cd /somepath/ciinaboxes
  6. docker run –rm -it -v pwd:/opt/ciinabox/ciinaboxes base2/ciinabox-azure

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