Updating ciinabox


Runs a cloudformation update on the current ciinabox environment. You can use this task if you’ve modified the default_params.yml config file for your ciinabox and you want to apply these changes to your ciinabox.

A common update would be to lock down ip access to your ciinabox environment

  1. edit ciinaboxes/myciinabox/config/default_params.yml

     #Environment Access
     #add list of public IP addresses you want to access the environment from
     #default to public access probably best to change this
       - my-public-ip
       - my-my-other-ip
     #add list of public IP addresses for your developers to access the environment
     #default to public access probably best to change this
       - my-dev-teams-ip
  2. update your ciinabox

     $ rake ciinabox:generate
     $ rake ciinabox:deploy
     $ rake ciinabox:update
     $ rake ciinabox:status  


Not Yet implemented…pull-request welcome


Not Yet implemented…pull-request welcome

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